Life is a little brighter, when it’s greener.


Life is a little brighter, when it’s greener.

Let Me Be is a Qatari Brand specialized in hand painted pots that are not mass produced.
The lightweight concrete pot is hand-painted so no pot is the same because they are unique. They are made from lightweight fiberglass shell which is then finished to give a solid raw concrete feel, line work and symmetry hand-painted.

Grown with Love

The way your plant is grown matters. We work with the highest quality, family owned farms in California to hand select the healthiest plants to send to you. This means that when your plant arrives at your doorstep you’ll be off to a great start.

Potted to Perfection

Let us save you the headache of finding the right pot to put your new plant in – all of our plants come potted in exclusive Ansel & Ivy pots. Choose from one of four signature color options to complement your style and space.

Shipped to You

Skip the nursery – we ship right to your front door. Our packaging and materials are 100% recyclable and every plant is boxed with care, so your new plant is sure to arrive safe and sound. Curious about how your plants are shipped? Watch our customers unbox their plants.

Plant Care 101

We make it easy to be a plant parent. Our team of expert horticulturalists have put together detailed digital care guides so you know how to properly care for your new plant. We’ll be right here if you need any additional help along the way.